American anti-capitalist poster, 1938.

McCarthyism made y’all pretty black and white on this stuff, huh? 


Just got the battery middle of last season. Ride fine most of this season till this. Jumped it then bump started fine but no Electric start at all now? What the hell yuasa? Less then one year of life?

Could be regulator troubles too? My thrux has been mulching coils like that’s its job. 

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Rainbow Warrior.

@triumphamerica #streettriple @ktmusa #690 enduro r. Dream garage? Got it.

Not-so secretly wishing for this garage again. Nothing wrong with the 1190, it’s just that THIS garage was a whole lot sexier, the current garage is very “suburban dad”. High dollar Thruxton, KTM 1190. Hey midlife crisis.. wait.. I’m 27!

Training with Tony Cairoli

Lol #thasracist